An easy weekend to forget Liverpool


Manchester City 5, Liverpool 0.

Let that sink in. Let it simmer. Then forget about it because it isn’t worth thinking about anymore.

But yet I am compelled to write something. I was away for the weekend so didn’t actually see the game, which is the one good thing to come out of it. I was driving to Montreal when it kicked off. I listened on the radio, but turned off after the third goal went in. Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain had come on as a half-time sub but couldn’t stop the bleeding. He has gone from taking a beating from Liverpool one week, to taking a beating with them the next.

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Northern Ireland make an international break bearable

The Windsor Park and the Northern Ireland team feed off one another

How frustrating to come through the whole transfer window saga only to run into the brick wall of an international break. After surviving deadline day, and getting excited about what my club had done, I was anticipating them playing a match. Instead I remembered that I would have to wait almost two weeks for that to happen. The new signings and reluctant returnees would be heading off to play for their countries instead.

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Transfer window closes; Liverpool can be happy with their work

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Liverpool’s deadline day signing.

The transfer window has slammed shut. Closed for business. The breeze of rumours is no longer filtering through. It was another record summer in which more money than ever got passed back and forth through the window. But all that remains now is to walk away and watch some actual football and gossip about that instead.

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Liverpool destroy a shadow of an Arsenal team


You only need look back at Liverpool’s recent results under Jurgen Klopp against Arsenal to get an idea of how yesterday would go. 3-3 in January 2016, 4-3 to begin last season, and 3-1 this past March. The pattern suggested four goals for Liverpool and a few less for The Gunners. As it turned out, that was what Liverpool got. And Arsenal? They didn’t get any. 4-0 and some beautiful football continued Liverpool’s strong start to the season. The only disappointment was that they didn’t get more. Arsenal are in full fledged faux crisis mode already.

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“Now that is football”

Liverpool can look forward to more European Cup nights under the lights at Anfield

Liverpool are into the group stage of the Champions League. A dominant 4-2 win over Hoffenheim secured a 6-3 victory on aggregate and ensured their progression. And when you play like that, you don’t half deserve it. The five times winner of this beautiful big trophy are back where they belong. Back in the mix; in the hunt for a sixth title. Albeit, an underdog. But that will suit this Liverpool side.

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One will do

They won with one. It’s funny. We spend all week worrying about Liverpool’s defensive frailties, only for them to keep a clean sheet. We don’t doubt their attacking abilities, only for the forwards to struggle to find the net. That’s modern Liverpool in a nutshell right there. But they got there in the end. One goal. And sometimes that is all you need and you take it and move on. A win, is a win, is a win, as someone with a stutter once said.

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Coutinho bid rejected, again

Who needs Coutinho when Alexander-Arnold can hit free kicks like this?

Liverpool got on the board with a win mid-week. Champions League qualifier against Hoffenheim of Germany. Not quite the European minnows from some Eastern European backwater you expect to face at this stage. The sort you beat 5-1 in the first let and draw 0-0 against in the second. I mean, Celtic got Astana … a cycling club! Hoffenheim was a tricky task. A banana skin for Liverpool, something they’re very prone to slipping up on. (See this weekend’s league fixture against Crystal Palace for another one!)

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